Welcome to the Parris Wellness clinic!

Our midtown Madison Avenue office has pristine clean, quiet, and private treatment rooms with restful lighting and healing surround sound. Each of our rooms are equipped with infrared lamps as well as infrared-jade heating pads that encourage deeper relaxation and healing during treatment. The luxurious massage tables are deeply padded and extra wide, with gel face cradles for added comfort.

We take the utmost care to provide the highest standard of hygiene for the health of our patients. Our face cradles are cleaned between each patient with organic antibacterial wipes and our face cradle covers are washed after each use in organic detergent. Each patient is given a comfortable, clean cotton gown to be worn during every treatment. 

As a patient, you can expect a calm, thoughtful, relaxing treatment. You will be checked on multiple times and also you can use a buzzer if you find a need for immediate attention

We look forward to working with you on restoring and maintaining your holistic health.